How does this whole thing work?
You give us your order (more details below!) and we deliver you some handmade, piping hot burritos by bike. The rider will give you a call when they get there.
What can I buy from you guys?
Burritos! And the best kind too! They're huge and stuffed with rice, beans, and a mound of the freshest salsa.
How much does it cost?
A burrito delivered to your door will cost you $5. You're, of course, welcome to tip your rider. They like to eat burritos too.
What are your hours?
We'll deliver burritos to your door between the hours of 6pm and 12am, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.
How do I order?
You've got three options.
  • Leave a message with your phone number, number of burritos and address at (309) 422-3262.
  • Send an email with your order (phone/quantity/address) to
  • Use the form below!
How do I pay?
Hand the rider some cash and they'll hand you some seriously delicious burritos.

*Now Taking Pre-Orders*

Burrito Taylors will be open on Friday, February 19th to raise money for the Somaly Mam Foundation. All proceeds and tips will go towards helping end human trafficking in Cambodia. We expect high traffic, so pre-order early and give us plenty of time to fill your order!